What’s New Updates in Instagram,Facebook and Whatsapp 21 Dec


Hi everyone, this is the first post in the series that I will start posting weekly “What’s New?” where I will be writing about the new updates of the famous apps and games of the past week.I wish you like this series and give me your feedback for the idea!Mahmud Mrad from Mrad4Tech.net is will be showing “What’s New” for the past week for Social Media Apps Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp!

Okay, guys so lets start with Instagram.So Instagram will be introducing two new features that most of the users will like especially those who keep on taking pictures for Timeline Story where the first feature is taken from Snapchat-the biggest competitor for Instagram-which allows the user to add stickers to taken pictures and videos.You can choose among thousands of stickers to add erectly after taking the picture or the video.Also, this feature allows more customization to Text Stickers.

Mahmoud mrad instagram


The another feature is the ability to record videos without holding the record button so you can only tap once then do whatever you want with both hands.This feature gives the user better and more easy experience.The updates are available on both Android and iOS

Then we come to Facebook app where Facebook has finally activated the feature everyone was trying to have it but not all of them got it,Not it is finally there where you can now post and customize the background color of the post to a solid color or gradient and everyone will see it just like that.This feature will give cool feel and taste to your timeline and it is still unique for mobile versions, although desktop version can view such posts but not make them.for more here is more detailed post

Mahmoud Mrad mrad4tech facebook


What about Whatsapp? Whatsapp has added new feature that will allow you to unsend a message you have send.This feature is still only available for iOS,this will allow you to delete messages you have send but not received buy the other end!Whatsapp is still testing this on iOS devices but it is not yet available for Android.Also, Whatsapp has added a bundle of new emojis to the iOS version and still waiting them to reach Android.for more see this post

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