[HD] Watch Any TV Channel Including Paid on Android FREE


Hello Guys here is Mahmud Mrad again in a new tutorial where I will be reviewing and android app that will allow you to watch any TV Channel on your android phone,including paid,locked, and encrypted Channels for Free also in HD Resolution,Yeah am right and no space for joking here because we are working hard to get this blog up and up so dont forget to subscribe to out blog and check our posts daily!

Lets start now,there is many apps that pretend to give you the features of any TV and broadcast live TV Channels but when you open it you see that you are watching videos that was recorded before and you are just pissed of but here we dont do that,we bring yo trusted apps and fully super working..We will be using android android app named Live TV Which shows you TV Channels in High Definition Resolution.

Watch TV Online Android mahmoud MRAD Mrad4Tech

So all you need to do is download the app from HERE and install it then open it and you will see thousands of channels that you didnt even know about you will find all locked channels,paid channels all for free just go ahead and choose the channel then the resolution and enjoy.I searched for BeIn Sports which is paid channel and I found it as you see,now I dont need to pay for any channel I just go ahead and watch it from my android and found my TV useless after this app specially that I have good internet connection so I will not face any connection problems,otherwise you need to get your internet more powerful and you will be okay or you can watch in low resolution which is really annoying


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