How To UnSend/Delete Whatsapp Messages Officially | Finally!!


Hello ladies and gentlemen here is Mahmoud Mrad from Mrad4Tech in a new article where I will be showing you how to make something amazing.YEAH I will be showing you guys how you can and finally send a Whatsapp message and officially, I will not be using any of the apps that I don’t how…Fucking Apps, no this will be official!

So many times you send things by mistake or to the wrong contact and you wish you didn’t send that because you will be embarrassed or anything I don’t know, you do :p
So you was sending your picture making something rude to your friend and then you realize that you sent it to your mother ..What shall you do OMG you will be in big problem…Not after this post because you will be able now to delete any message you have sent anytime anywhere any..any any any..Lets start Now.
 WhatsApp is still testing this feature on iOS and it is not available for Android yet,but to get it you must be enrolled in the Beta System of WhatsApp so you can get it in the next update.. so Yes you must be a tester to try it and to that, you can just go ahead to this link and download WhatsApp from there, you will get the feature and everything will be okay, No troubles No problems just chill out!

But you need to know that this feature only works if the recipient hasn’t yet received the message, so only if there is one tick showing… If so  then you must long click on the message then click on Revoke and you are okay

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