How To Remove Vocals(Singer’s Voice) from Songs Easily


If your voice is nice and you wish to sing like professionals with amazing music in the background then you are in the right place!In this new tutorial, I will be showing you guys how to get rid of the singer’s voice and put your voice instead!
All you need to do is download WavePad Sound Editor, a program that is known as audio editor software for editing audio files having helpful tools that you can easily use and know it. Download from link below

After you download the software and install it you must drag and drop the audio file you need to edit, now in the top of the toolbar you will find Effects menu, click on it then choose Voice, then reduce vocals and finally click on Perform only simple channel subtraction and confirm the process by clicking on apply.Now we need to export the audio file without the singers voice then you need to go to File then Save file as and you are done


Download Link for WavePad Sound Editor


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