Solve Red Alert 2 Network Gameplay not Working Windows 7/8/10


Hey Guys how are you doing here is Mrad in another new post on the new blog where my old blog was lost because I didnt renew it and I cant get it anymore so this will be my new blog where I will be posing alot of articles and stuff that you like,dont forget to support me by subscribing YouTube .

In this new article I will showing you how to solve RED ALERT 2 Network Error that doesn’t allow you to play network game on any windows version…Red Alert has became one of the most famous games that most gamers like specially playing the network mode with their friends,but sometime when clicking on network mode it doesnt nothing it just does nothing..So I will be showing you how to solve this problem easily and simply

All you need to do is to download file from here then move it to the red alert 2 directory,most times it is C:\Program Files (x86)\Red Alert 2  Then open the game and everything will be fine!!!any thing simpler that this??


Download File Here


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