How to Create Blank Empty Page in WordPress – No Footer/No Header/No Widgets



thank you! Ok, that seems to have disabled both the header and footer, but I still have inherited formatting from the theme. I really need a completely blank page, such as a landing page might be, but its a page inside the site, not home.php. I just need to clear all formatting and input just css.
Two screen shots – one of what I have in the html window, and one of what I see on the page. I have also disabled the intro.

ok, just to clarify…
I have worked with my template-blank.php file, and i can get it to “work” the way I want – to get it to appear in the browser the way I need it to. But functionally speaking, I’m not actually creating a template now, I’m creating a static php page, it seems. So…I guess I’d like more info on whats happening with the template creation, and whether I am going about this in the right way. Thanks so much!

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