[Cool]Send Empty Messages in Whatsapp/Trick your Friends


Hello Ladies and gentlemen here is Mahmud Mrad from Mrad4Tech.net coming as fast as a rocket holding a new post that will blow your mind up!!Oh Yeah in this new post guys I will be telling you how to do a simple trick in whatsapp to have fun with your friends and confuse them!So we will sending empty messages for whatsapp contacts,Yeah lets see how!

Okay so whatsapp normally doesn’t support sending empty whatsapp messages,but I,Mrad from Mrad4Tech created an android app that allows you to do that,the idea is that I created an empty text on windows and copied it to this app,it is named EmptyWhats and I reallyfind it is somehow needed and good idea to trick and have fun

Empty Whatsapp

Download EmptyWhats

As you see the app can send three length of empty messages,short,medium and long and if you have any idea I can add it as soon as possible

Just go ahead and click on a button according to your requirements and send it directly thru whatsapp from this app

The app is also designed in a Material Designed way so that you get amazing UI and dont get bored of usual UI

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