Shorten URLs with Adsense Ads Without Website & Get Huge Money


Nowadays everyone is searching and trying to earn money from the internet while setting at home via YouTube,Blogging,promoting or anything else…In addition to that there is some sites that shorten URLs and give you money for that,but as we all know such websites are hard to use because you may get only 1 dollar for 1000 view,so NEGATIVE! Here is Mahmud Mrad from mrad4Tech in a new article where I will be showing you how to make something amazing,as usual,so I will be showing you how to shorten URLs for money,not any shortening,we will be using Adsense to shorten and without any website or blog.

How will We Earn From Adsense Without Website?

First let me my bro tell you how we will be working.This method depends on shortening URLs and spreading them on social media sites or any where to get views,you may say I tried this but got few Cents but No,this way is way better,you will showing Adsense ads (not any ads) on the shortened links,this means that you may get up to 1.5$ for one click!!

Step by Step

1.First of all go to this website snf24 and register as in the pic

Earn gain shorten mrad4tech mahmoud mrad adsense


After you register and sign in  go to Add Link

Earn gain shorten mrad4tech mahmoud mrad adsense

Then fill the blanks with your link,description,Title and Adsense Pub Number which you can get from your adsense settings

Earn gain shorten mrad4tech mahmoud mrad adsense


Then you will get everything okay and you can spread the link and share it with your friends who may click on the adsnese ads and then you will get money after they click

Note:If Adsense asks you to enter a website and you cannot access our account unless that,just create a youtube channel and connect it to adsense and you will be very okay

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