High Rated App to Earn Money by Answering Simple Question


Hello Guys here is Mahmud Mrad from Mrad4Tech helping you make something awesome,and by awesome I mean Money!!!Yeah I will be showing you the only way to get paid using your android device,No No No I will not talk about apps that ask you to download other apps and gain 0.000000000000000000000001 for every app and you need to reach 10$ redeem,NO… We will be reviewing an android app that gives you money for making experiments and asking questions..Lets see

So everyone is searching for a way to gain money thru the internet while he/she is at home without making alot of effort and in the same time getting good budget!Ok I will not say that I can do that but this really seems impossible because nothing can be done easily,everything needs effort to be done so you will not get alot of money from this method,you will not buy a car or build a house !Ok Deal?

So this app is named Surveys On The Go and as its name shows it asks you to do surveys and gives you money for that,but this app is unique,it has high rating on play store and many people are happy with it..It is easy to answer surveys and do them but sure you need sometime to get good money,for example 20$.

First of all download the app then it will ask you to sign up using your Facebook account or by email,then it will ask for location permissions and start showing surveys to answer as follows


answer surveys and earn

For me personally I was  able to get 6,75 $

answer surveys and earn

You can redeem your oney when you reach 10$ via paypal,amazon card or visa card


answer surveys and earn

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