New Software to Bypass Android Lockscreen without Losing Data


Everyone may forget the password of his android phone lock screen specially if it was some how complicated,and sometimes even though it is not,you may forget it,I used to set the password and then directly when I lock my phone,I dont know what to put!So you have been searching alot to solve this and you found most of the solutions saying that you must enter recovery mode and make a factory reset and such stuff but Not here Bro,With Mrad4Tech you will be bypassing your lockscreen without losing any byte of data right now!


The software we will be using this night is a free one,free from money and from spam and hacks…All you need to have is the USB Debugging Enabled on your phone and a USB cable

This program is named Jurassic UniAndroid , when opening it and connecting your phone click on

  • Read Info to read all the data of your device
  • To the right you will find all the tools you may need,we will use the one I selected
  • Choose the type of the pattern you have,Note that the one having SU at the end it special for the Rooted devices,so if you are not rooted then dont use it
  • Finally click on Do Service Job and wait until the work is done,the phone will restart and you will get the lock screen,input anything wrong and you will be in there with all your data and files!

This type of programs is being used to steal phones and data so be aware of activating the USB Debugging Mode when you are at risk.

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