Best 4 Distributions used by Hackers to Hack WiFi Networks


 If you are one of those who are interested in hacking wifi networks you are in the right place.In this post, Mahmud Mrad will be showing you guys the top 4 distributions used to hack wifi networks which can be burned on a CD Disk or a Flash and use it as a bootable drive.

Kali Linux


The most known Operating System especially for developers and Hackers where Kali Linux is an open source OS thus anyone can modify on it making it better and more useful…Kali Linux has many tools used for hacking Wire-Networks and Wireless Networks such as Wifi and Bluetooth!


One of the most powerful distributions used in hacking all wifi networks and protocols for it has big group of tools that can break any network no matter how much its secure or its type.Also, it can be used as daily OS where has Mozilla Firefox, music player, VLC …etc


One of the smallest and famous distributions based on tiny core Linux.It is specific for WiFi Hacking, it has tools only for WiFi hacking not like WifiSlax


Another small and useful distribution in Hacking WiFi field also based on Tiny Code Linux 70 megabyte in size having really powerful tools in hacking Networks such as Inflator, Aircrack-ng, Minidwep, wifite, feeding bottle.

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