Amazing Full Material Design Build prop Editor


Hello everyone here is Mrad from Mrad4Tech in a new post where in this article I will be showing you guys the First Material Designed Build.prop Editor app for android.

Make it easier with Build.prop editor extended with a Material Design for better look and interface !


★View and Edit any Property !
★Add new Property !
★Search for Properties !
★Ability to Backup and Restore Original Build.Prop !
★Change between 2 Themes : Dark Theme and Fresh Theme
★Material,Fresh and Realible Design !
★Simple and Easy ,can be used by anyone !
★Colorful !

Build.prop properties can control how your system runs. You can change your LCD density, decrease your call ring delay, save battery by increasing your wifi scan interval,rotate lock screen and more.

★Please Remember to keep a backup of your current build.prop. Changing build properties can potentially harm or soft brick your device.

★The developer is not responsible for any problem caused by editing the build.prop file★

★Root and busybox are required for this app to work correctly

★Thanks for Alessandro Ianne for the Translation ★


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